The Books


The new book from No Starch Press

My second book was just released in January 2019! Two years in the making, it takes the reader step-by-step through dozens of hands-on Python explorations into problem-solving and art-making in Math.

Some explorations are for numerical (or text) output, and are done in Python’s default IDLE editor. You can of course use any editor you choose for these.

Many explorations are for creating dynamic, interactive graphics, and use the Python mode of the Processing graphics library. Both installations are straightforward and are covered in the beginning of the book.


How to art up your math 

When I think of math, what comes to mind is probably what you think of when you think of Art.

This book contains all the code you need to make dynamic, interactive art with math: algebra, geometry, Trigonometry and more!


The First Book

After years of collecting Python programs for learning math topics, I self-published Hacking Math Class with Python in 2015. Everything inside can be created using Python alone, or using Pi3D, a 3D graphics package originally designed for the Raspberry Pi.